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Fun with Coffee and Poetry

Posted on March 17, 2022

The 21st of March marks not only Human Rights Day, but also World Poetry Day. So, because the team here at Coffee capsules direct enjoys goofing around when we're not too busy drinking coffee or smelling the beans, we decided to have some fun with coffee and poetry!

Below you'll find some fine work from our resident poets. It's time to brew yourself a coffee and feel inspired!

With a lot on the go.

Ain’t no time for a go-slow

For some coffee is just swell

Not for me I only like the smell

Tea would give the me the added zip

Without sending me on a trip

Numbers are after all my game

And I don’t want that put to shame.


by Gaynor


Oh my hat it’s coffee time,

This World Poetry day, we do the rhyme.

Because coffee really is our one true love,

It feels like it was sent from the Heavens above.

Every day and every night,

Coffee is with us as soon as we see light.

That taste, that Crema, that irresistible smell,

Had 10 cups by noon, but would never tell!

It makes us awake, gets us through the day,

A day without coffee, I just say „No way“.

Coffee oh coffee, this poem is for you.

You are magnificent. We need you. And you know this is true!


by Judy


Roses are black

Coffee beans beans are black

Everything's black

I can't see


by Tristan


Crunchy chocolate

Hot chocolate

Chocolate chocolate

OH gosh I just love hot  chocolate 🤣🤣


by Shimy

I like my coffee

Bitter as my soul,

Darker than

The blackest black hole.

(disclaimer: Ancke actually likes super sweet coffee with a dash of milk 😐)


by Ancke

Coffee is brown

When I drink it I dont feel down

Sugar is sweet

When you add it to coffee it is such a big treat


by Sozanne

Coffee is love, coffee is life.

It gives me the strength to keep away strife.

A cup in the morning is rife with aroma, and wonderful taste.

It's oh so great.

Coffee is love, coffee is life.

Bring me a coffee and you won't get the knife. 🙂


by Jody

When all else fails

Let drudgery not prevail

A pot of tea

With a friend or three

An americano could be just the thing

Or a cappuccino to get into the swing

But if a nap is the thing that’s required

Hot chocolate helps when you're over-tired.


by Gaynor

Life is sweet, so is coffee

It's not a morning 'til you've had it

Coffee in the morning, I don't want to miss it

Don't disturb me while I sip it

Oh, sweet coffee,

A friend whenever I'm in need

It turns frowns into smiles!


by Ongeziwe