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Filter Coffee: An Affordable And Accessible Option

Posted on January 29, 2024

Filter coffee is a fantastic option for any coffee lover looking for a good cup of Joe on the go. The Coffee Capsules Direct team works hard to source and supply plenty of different coffee products, from affordable coffee pods at bulk prices to delicious coffee syrups to spruce up your morning cuppa. Out of all of our fantastic products, however, filter coffee is one of our best sellers. Despite the many different – and equally delicious – forms coffee can come in, filter coffee remains one of the easiest and most affordable ways to enjoy your daily brew.

Fast, easy to use, flavourful, and affordable, ground coffee beans have it all. Moreover, filter coffee can be used in many manual machines, whether you have a French Press, AeroPress, or a Percolator – to name a few. At our online store, we work with three incredible coffee brands to deliver top-tier filter coffee to your doorstep. Take your pick of one or more offerings from our lovely suppliers;  Importers, Terbodore, and Uber Coffee, and start your morning the right way.

If you’d like to learn more about filter coffee, and what sort of flavours and brewing processes are available to you, then keep reading and let us fill you in on everything you need to know about our filter coffee options.

Filter Coffee: Back To The Brewing Basics

Just like musicians and music lovers all over the world have been overjoyed with the resurfacing of vinyl, so too have everyday people and coffee enthusiasts alike begun to appreciate specialty and artisanal coffee again. Artisanal coffee is coffee that is roasted in small batches in micro mills, using coffee beans provided by single-source suppliers from around the world.

Artisanal roasters use cutting-edge micro mills to roast their beans evenly and efficiently so that the distinct flavours of the region can shine through. In doing so, they prevent the scorching, underdevelopment, or overdevelopment of the coffee bean – which is packed with oils and molecules that are often easy to damage during the delicate roasting process. What results is a smooth, rich-tasting coffee with a unique palate.

Part of this appreciation for small-batch-roasted artisanal coffee seems to be the result of an increasingly large movement towards the traditional, simple craft of coffee-making – with less fuss and more attention on the flavour and the brewing process. What’s great about this renewed appreciation for simplicity in brewing is that everyday people get to enjoy the benefits of good coffee no matter where they are or what machinery they have. So long as you have access to quality coffee grounds or beans, you can enjoy a fine brew using simple home equipment.


Filter Coffee: Accessible Equipment

Have you ever taken a look at the cost of a coffee machine in 2024? Whether it’s a Nespresso machine or a proper barista setup, you’ll likely find yourself shocked at the price of the equipment needed to make that perfect cup of coffee that we crave every other day. These machines can really enhance your coffee game, bringing you that much closer to the perfect brew. But for those who aren’t willing to pay quite so much in the name of a good daily cuppa, there are many more budget-friendly alternatives out there.

The humble stove-top Percolator has served campers for years. Meanwhile, bachelors have been brewing the finest drip coffee without fuss and, in pretty much every other household, you’ll find that the French Press has saved many a working man and woman from what would otherwise be an unbearable early morning – not to mention the Siphons, Pour-Overs, clever Drippers, AeroPresses, and even Ibrik coffee pots that have been used for decades as a manual means of preparing the most delectable cups of coffee at home.

Although these methods may seem rather traditional in comparison to the polished sheen and efficiency of an automated, modern coffee maker, they have stood the test of time for a reason. These manual machines act as an extension of the human hand, requiring not much more than some patience, some heat, and some finely-ground, fragrant filter coffee.


For coffee enthusiasts who enjoy a more hands-on, yet paired-down approach to the brewing process, these types of manual methods and tools can be of great use. They are not only affordable, user-friendly, and portable, but also timeless — while barista machines undergo constant renewals and upgrades, items like the Moka Pot and the French Press remain a humble and reliable option for both beginner brewers and coffee fanatics alike.

For example, the French Press (also known as the plunger or the press pot) dates back to 19th century France. The simple design allows one to steep the coffee grounds in water and then separate them again by pressing down on a metal filter. What results is a full-bodied cup of coffee, and an iconic-brewing device that remains a staple in many coffee houses and personal homes purely by virtue of its simplicity and versatility.

Naturally, depending on the method or machine, it’s also important to consider things such as the coffee-to-water ratio, the brewing time, water temperature, and grind size. All of these factors, although seemingly insignificant in the grander scheme, contribute to a stark difference in taste. So, while the methods associated with filtered coffee are quite simple, keep in mind that your care and attention is an important ingredient in the recipe for a perfect brew.

FIlter Coffee: A Fast And Affordable Option

No matter what machine you’re using, with the right coffee beans, you can brew the perfect cup of coffee with ease. At Coffee Capsules Direct, we stock and supply a variety of coffee products for you to use with whatever coffee-making machinery you have available – from affordable pods to pop into your coffee capsule machine, to plenty of great freshly-roasted beans to grind and brew barista-style. If you’re on the lookout for a simpler cup of coffee, and all you have available is your trusty French Press or the likes, then why not consider some of our incredible ground coffee offerings?

Coffee Capsules Direct has a wide selection of flavourful roasted coffee from South and Central America, Africa, and Italy. Whether you prefer hints of berries, chocolate, or caramel, you can likely find the right flavour for you at our online store. We stock and sell products from long-standing staple brands like Importers Global Coffee and Terbodore, as well as newer local brands like Uber Coffee.

Importers Coffee is a leading supplier of coffee products within South Africa – not to mention a producer of some quality hot chocolate and tea too. Their Italian ground coffee is well-loved for its artisan arabica flavour, complete with dark chocolate notes and a dark full-bodied drinking experience. Their mocha java medium roast has been widely appreciated for its hints of ripe red and black berries.

Meanwhile, Terbodore’s extensive collection of flavourful coffees – including Vanilla, Hazelnut, Birthday Cake, and Toffee – is much appreciated by those who seek out a more modern and experimental cuppa with a surprising palate. Established in 2004, Terbodore strives to uphold heritage, courage, patience, and dependability in its roasting business. Indeed, they provide dependably good coffee with their selection available at Coffee Capsule Direct.


Here are some delectable ground coffee options you can find at Coffee Capsules Direct:

  • Importers Blue Mountain 250g
  • Importers Mocha Java 250g
  • Importers Italian 250g
  • Uber Premium Filter Blend 1kg
  • Terbodore Salted Caramel 250g
  • Terbodore The Great Dane 250g
  • Terbodore This Is Africa 250g
  • Terbodore Mocha Java 250g
  • Terbodore Mac Espresso 250g
  • Terbodore French Vanilla 250g
  • Terbodore Italian Hazelnut 250g
  • Terbodore Lazy Bones 250g
  • Terbodore Revival 250g
  • Terbodore Unwind Decaf 250g
  • Terbodore Birthday Cake 250g
  • Terbodore English Toffee 250g
  • Terbodore Dutch Chocolate 250g

With all of these options available to you at the click of a button, it’s up to you to decipher which flavour suits you best. Ask yourself the next time you’re craving a cup of filter coffee; which delicate flavour profile would you like to experience today? The benefit of Coffee Capsules Direct is that you have access to more than one option. If you are looking to brew some quick and easy (yet deliciously rich) filter coffee, then you can make an order today of however many bags you’d like.

Naturally, you can buy multiple flavours and slowly start to taste the unique characteristics of each. Now and then, if you’d like to spice up your morning coffee procedure, you could even invest in some whole coffee beans and try grinding your own coffee. This also offers a magnificent depth of flavour and freshness without complicating the brewing process too much.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, just know that you can easily experience some of South Africa’s best local and imported filtered coffee or coffee beans — all you have to do is browse through Coffee Capsule Direct’s store, order online, and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee in no time.