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Filter Coffee: A Brief Overview

Posted on November 29, 2023

At Coffee Capsules Direct we love our filter coffee and we know just how much you love it too. For that reason, we have stocked a variety of filter coffees and beans for you to choose from on our online store. If you’re a coffee fanatic just like us, then this quick guide is here for you. Keep reading to learn all about filter coffee, where it came from, and what makes it so darn good!

We will also be covering some honourable mentions from our online store, filling you in on everything you need to know about us and our delicious filter coffee options.


The History Of Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is one of the oldest and most popular coffee brewing methods to date. Some say that it first became a trend back in the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe and was made using a cloth sock (which is not only unhygienic but might have made their coffee unusually flavoured). Shortly after, as filter coffee grew in demand, filters for coffee were made using cloth. This revolutionised the act of brewing and making coffee, and entrepreneurs jumped at the opportunity to ease the process. Created in the late 1700’s, the Biggin Pots became a trend. These pots featured a place for a cloth to sit in the coffee pot, allowing one to pour coffee out through the filter.

As time passed, metal filters were developed and became widely popular due to their efficiency. They were first developed into an early version of the French Press, with a metal filter combined with a rammer to compress the coffee grounds. Later on, percolators were developed to use steam pressure to brew the coffee. The top of the pot has a metal filter filled with coffee grounds and, as the water boils, it rises over the coffee grounds and then seeps back through the filter, leaving behind perfectly brewed coffee.

In the 19th century, syphon pots, also known as vacuum brewers, were created. Resembling an hourglass with heat at the bottom, syphon pots would build pressure and force water to syphon and mix with ground coffee – making the process of coffee-making exciting as people could see the coffee as it was brewing. During this time, the French Press grew in popularity and, although it was first developed in 1852, it was not created commercially until the 1900’s. The French Press works by soaking coarse coffee grounds with hot water and then uses a metal plunger to separate the two.

After this, drip brewing methods were created, where hot water is dripped into a filter filled with coffee grounds, passing the filtered water into the coffee pot below which is kept warm by a heating pad. This method of coffee brewing is particularly popular in America today.

Finally, the espresso machine came into action. Unlike today's machines, the original espresso machine could only make bulk batches of coffee. However, since its conception, the espresso machine has seen many remodels and upgrades to simplify the process. In summary, over the years, filtering coffee has never lost its popularity, and has seen a long series of transformations. And the reason why it has been carried throughout history? Because it tastes so good!

Modern Filter Coffee Machines

While using a sock to filter coffee may have been the only option back in the day, in modern times we have been blessed with a variety of coffee machine brands and models to choose from. Some of the most popular filter coffee machine brands are listed below:

  • Nespresso
  • Russell Hobbs
  • Smeg
  • De'Longhi
  • Siemens
  • Lavazza

Unlike with coffee capsules/pods, you are not limited to using only compatible machine brands – you can use just about any filter coffee machine to brew your ground coffee (or a cloth sock, but we wouldn’t recommend it).


How Do You Like Your Coffee?

With all the different flavours, roast levels, types of coffee beans, and much more to consider, we know that choosing which filter coffee to buy can be overwhelming and a bit confusing. You're going to want to consider a few things before buying just any old coffee.

  • Firstly, the type of coffee is important. Generally, Arabica beans are of better quality. Arabica beans have a refined, soft, and fruity flavour, and they contain less caffeine than Robusta beans. In contrast, the taste of Robusta beans is stronger, sharper, and can be more bitter – they also contain a lot more caffeine and are often used in espressos. Coffee beans that are 100% Arabica are more common than beans that are 100% Robusta. Nevertheless, these two types are often made into blends, allowing you to get the best of both.
  • On the topic of coffee blends; a ‘blend’ is made from coffee beans from different countries. Together, they make for a very tasty mix. Besides blends, you also have single origin or single estate coffee. Single origin coffee originates from one country, whereas single estate coffee is from one country and only one farmer. Usually, the more specific the coffee, the more pronounced the taste will be. By trying different types of coffee, you will soon discover which flavours you like best.
  • When choosing which flavour intensity to buy, you can look at the packaging for more information – or take a quick scroll through our site and read up on our filter coffee options. Many coffee brands define the flavour intensity on their packaging by means of numbers. The higher the number, the more intense the flavour is. Flavour intensity is determined by the intensity of the roast – beans that are lightly roasted have a mild flavour with fruity notes and are not bitter. The darker the roast, the more bitter the brew.
  • Depending on your coffee machine or whether you have a coffee grinder at home, you will also need to choose whether to purchase coffee in the form of beans or pre-ground coffee. If you have a machine that can grind coffee, the logical choice is fresh coffee beans. But if you have a filter coffee machine, it’s easier to go with pre-ground coffee. Another option is to buy a coffee mill and grind your own beans before brewing. Afterall, coffee has more flavour if the grinds are fresh!

When choosing which type of coffee to buy, it is best to keep the above factors in mind. A fun way to find your favourite coffee is to try out different types and make notes of which ones you like and which ones you don’t like. We believe you can never go wrong as long as coffee is involved so don’t be shy to explore the different flavours and roasts available at our store.

Serving Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is exceptionally versatile in that it can be served in many different ways and can even be used in baking. The traditional method of serving filtered coffee is to serve it black. Without any additions, the drinker is able to experience the pure flavours of the brewed coffee.

Many people enjoy coffee with milk or cream; you can add cold or steamed milk to create a creamy or milder version of the coffee. Some people also prefer to add sugar, honey, sweetener, butter, and even flavoured coffee syrup. Coffee doesn’t have to be bitter, although most enjoy it that way.

Iced coffee has also become very popular in modern times. The tasty beverage still gives you that hit of caffeine you may require, while keeping you feeling refreshed. Iced coffee is made using filter coffee and ice, and can be served with milk and sugar or simply as is.

Coffee cocktails have also grown in popularity, with espresso martinis to be found on just about every restaurant menu. Irish coffees have always been a hit, giving you the pleasure of consuming coffee, while tasting those rich Irish whiskey flavours. The two make the perfect pair, hence why the beverage is so popular.

Other interesting ways of using filter coffee include mixing a spoonful into your oatmeal to add some extra flavour, pouring some over your pancakes or waffles, and even making a flavourful and caffeinated rub for grilled meat. One of our favourite ways of consuming coffee (besides drinking it as is) is by adding it to chocolate cake. As the cake comes out of the oven, poke some holes into it using a skewer or knife, and pour about a cup of freshly brewed black coffee over it to be absorbed. This will make the cake extremely moist and give it a rich coffee flavour that everyone is sure to enjoy.


Filter Coffee From Coffee Capsules Direct

At Coffee Capsules Direct, we have several types of filter coffee for you to choose from. We have a range of strengths and flavours, so we guarantee that you will find something you like.

Our flavourful assortment of beans and ground coffee are sure to hit the spot. So, embrace these mouth-watering filter coffee options – with light roast beans hailing from South and Central America and Africa, courtesy of the Uber Coffee Beans Italian Espresso Blend, or indulge in artisan Arabica coffee from Importers Blue Mountain. If you want to keep it local, we have ground coffee and beans available from South African coffee roasters and even some useful cleaning tablets to keep your bean-to-cup or espresso machine in tip-top shape.

Here’s a quick list of the filter coffee and beans available from Coffee Capsules Direct:

  • Uber Coffee Italian Espresso Blend
  • Importers Blue Mountain
  • Importers Mocha Java
  • Importers Italian
  • Terbodore Salted Caramel
  • Terbodore The Great Dane
  • Terbodore This is Africa
  • Terbodore Mocha Java
  • Terbodore Mac Espresso
  • Terbodore French Vanilla
  • Terbodore Italian Hazelnut
  • Terbodore Lazy Bones
  • Terbodore Revival
  • Terbodore Unwind Decaf
  • Terbodore Birthday Cake
  • Terbodore Dutch Chocolate
  • Terbodore English Toffee
  • Note: You can purchase these brands and flavours in the form of beans or ground coffee!

About Coffee Capsules Direct

Check out our website and explore all the coffee products we have to offer. We stock many different flavours, blends, roasts, and brands. Aside from ground filter coffee and coffee beans, we also stock the products listed below:

  • Coffee pods
  • Teas, chai, and hot chocolate
  • Coffee Syrups
  • Cleaning and descaling products

You can’t go wrong when you rely on Coffee Capsules Direct – As one of the biggest suppliers of coffee on the South African market, we have everything you need to be your own barista from the comfort of your home. When you shop with us, you are guaranteed high-quality coffee products delivered to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa. Don’t hesitate to check out our online store and keep your eyes peeled for fantastic deals too!