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Dolce Gusto Vs Original Line Nespresso Machines

Posted on November 4, 2023

If you are curious about the main differences between Dolce Gusto and Original Line Nespresso machines, you are in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down some of the differentiating factors between these two classics in the coffee machine space and delve into the pros and cons of each respective system. We will also offer a few tips and tricks on the best way to go about descaling your coffee machine.

Regardless of which kind of machine you own, Coffee Capsules Direct has got your back when it comes to all of your coffee pod needs. We have a fantastic selection of Nespresso- and Dolce Gusto-compatible capsules just waiting for you to enjoy. With us, it is incredibly simple to diversify your coffee experience and try brews from all around the world.

So, if you are curious about what sets these two coffee machines apart from each other and want to find out more about some of our delicious compatible capsules, we encourage you to read on.


What Are The Main Differences?

Just a small disclaimer before we start our analysis – both the Dolce Gusto and Original Line Nespresso machines are great options for just about anyone. Neither is better than the other, as taste in coffee (and coffee machines) is highly subjective. Ultimately, it all comes down to preference and which features stand out more to you.

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get into the differences:


To begin with, it is worth noting that Dolce Gusto machines are considerably more affordable than their Nespresso counterparts. They are also capable of creating a larger variety of drinks because they have alternate cup sizes, and the ability to create milk-based drinks, which allows for greater versatility and choice. Dolce Gusto machines can use milk pods, which are combined with coffee capsules to create cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and more.

On the other hand, Nespresso Original Line machines are often more expensive, as they are marketed as premium products. Most of these machines specialise in espressos exclusively and do not have changeable cup sizes. For many, this isn’t a concern, however, if you prefer larger, milkier coffee, you will need to purchase a few more bells and whistles for your Nespresso machine. It’s also important to mention that Nespresso’s Original Line machines are the most popular coffee machines on the market by quite a margin. Typically, they are built to stand the test of time and will likely continue to create delicious cups of coffee for many years to come.

Coffee Taste

Of course, taste is the most crucial aspect when comparing different coffee machines – it is also quite subjective. If you are looking for an excellent barista-style espresso flavour, it is hard to go wrong with the Original Line Nespresso machines. These machines are more than capable of providing a deliciously intense brew, and they extract the flavours from the capsules superbly.

On the other hand, if you are less interested in the strength of your coffee, or you enjoy slightly more understated flavours – the Dolce Gusto machines are a perfect match. As we mentioned, they are also able to create larger drinks, something that Nespresso machines can only accomplish if you decide to purchase a machine with a built-in milk system, like the Lattissima.

If you are a purist and prefer to stick to traditional espressos, the Dolce Gusto machines might not provide the full range of flavours you are looking for. However, if you like to mix it up and try out new types of coffee, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option than these machines. All in all, it will completely depend on your personal preferences which of the machines’ coffee is more to your liking. They each do different things extremely well.


Compatible Coffee Capsules

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the pods they use. The Original Line Nespresso capsules are compact and dome-shaped, and have become the shape and size most regularly associated with coffee machines and capsules. The Dolce Gusto pods are considerably larger, wider at the rim, and are closer to a bowl shape than their Nespresso counterparts. The Dolce Gusto capsules can be more closely compared to those used in the Vertuo Nespresso machines. As you can imagine, they are not interchangeable with each other due to differences in size and shape.

The Dolce Gusto pods are filled with finely ground compressed coffee grains that the machine runs the freshly-heated water through. After this, you select a second milk pod that allows you to brew milk-based coffees like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. The milk capsules contain powdered milk that the machine sends hot water through to create the foamy and delicious final touch to your coffee.

It is worth noting that there is more variety in the pods one can purchase for the Nespresso Original Line machines. This is mainly due to the more specialised shape of the Dolce Gusto pods and the immense popularity of the Nespresso machines. This is not to say there aren’t fantastic options for Dolce Gusto owners, but if you like to have hundreds of choices at your disposal, this may be a consideration.

At Coffee Capsules Direct, we offer compatible capsules for both types of machines – with plenty of choices, we might add. So, regardless of your preferred coffee machine, we have got your back with some of the best deals anywhere in South Africa!

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Which Machine Is Best?

Well, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. Both machines are fantastic value for money, and they excel in different areas. Ultimately, it all comes down to the type of coffee you enjoy and the way that you want to drink it. If you consider yourself to be an espresso enthusiast and you relish stronger, intense flavours, then the Nespresso Original Line machines are definitely the way to go. If you love the idea of being able to change the sizes of your brews and enjoy the thought of spending less money on milk, Dolce Gusto is a winning choice.

That’s one of the greatest things about coffee – everyone’s tastes and preferences are completely unique, and there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Nowadays, the compatible capsule industry has so many options to choose from, it is almost certain that there is something out there that aligns perfectly with your individual tastes.

Why Is Descaling So Important?

We are sure that you want your coffee machine firing on all cylinders for some time to come, and the best way to ensure this is by regularly descaling it. If you find that your machine seems to be pouring the brews slower, or that less coffee finds its way into your cup, it’s possible that there is a build-up of limescale. If left unattended, limescale can settle on the internal pipes of your machine, causing potential issues down the line.

Many people believe that if you just use filtered water in your machine, it will halt the growth of limescale – this is a misconception. Even with filtered water, it is inevitable that you will need to descale the pipes at some point. If too much time has passed since the last cleaning session, the pipes can become obstructed and, possibly, completely blocked by the build-up. A less steady flow and loud, unpleasant noises are often tell-tale signs of an obstruction. Beyond this, it will eventually begin to alter the taste of the coffee itself and create a sour aftertaste. Of course, we are sure that you will want to avoid this.

Regular descaling will remove the limescale deposits in the internals of your coffee machine. Besides preventing terrible-tasting coffee, this comes with a few other benefits. Namely, significantly prolonging the lifespan of your beloved machine, avoiding unfortunate repair costs that could result from a lack of descaling, and minimising the noise that the machine creates.


How To Descale Your Coffee Machine

Now that we have covered the reasons why descaling is so important for the longevity of your machine, let’s get into the best ways to descale your Dolce Gusto system. If you are looking for a high-quality descaler that gets the job done perfectly every time, look no further than the Caffenu descaler available in our online store.

  • Find a 1-litre container and clean, preferably filtered, water and get your descaler ready.
  • We recommend pouring 100ml of the descaler into the empty container, and then topping it up with 500ml of water.
  • Pour this mixture into the water reservoir of your machine.
  • Place a large mug or an empty container under the spout of the machine.
  • Follow the descaling instructions for your specific coffee machine. The descaling liquid should run through your machine until the water tank is empty.
  • Remove the reservoir and give it a rinse to remove the trace amount of descaler in the tank.
  • If you feel it necessary, or it has been a while since the last descaling, it could be a good idea to repeat the process a second time. After descaling is complete, ensure to repeat the process with fresh water to give your machine a thorough rinse.

As you can see, the entire process is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes to complete, but it can make a huge difference to the long-term functioning of your machine. This will guarantee that you receive optimal performance from your system, with the added benefit of ensuring that every brew it creates is just as delicious as the last!

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you have found this brief guide to be informative, and that you have learned a few things about the differences between these two great machines. If you have any questions, or you are unsure about the make of your machine and would like to double-check whether it is compatible with our capsules, do not hesitate to send us an email. At Coffee Capsules Direct, we are only too happy to assist our customers with all their coffee-related needs.

If you are interested in trying some of the most delectable capsules on the market, there simply is no better choice than us. With the click of a button, you can have coffee from all over the world delivered directly to your door – it truly has never been easier!