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Q & A with Coffee Capsules Direct

Posted on April 30, 2014

Q&A was published by the Flatwhite Magazine in their Newsletter, April 2014.

Let's meet the team behind the amazing company that helps to fuel all our coffee addictions.

Each month we'll be introducing you to someone we love, that falls under our magazine categories: Taste | Create | Discover This month we'd like to welcome Coffee Capsules Direct: Your team members Gaynor (Accounts, picture-shy), Megan (Sales), Rowan (Director) and Judy (Marketing) A few lines describing CCD We started the business because we love great quality coffee, but it had to be quick and affordable! With our system, everybody can have a decent coffee or Cappuccino for R4, ready to go in 60 seconds. We sell Nespresso® alternative coffee capsules online and delivery for free nationwide. If you want a machine for your office or home, we rent it from R70 per month! Describe yourselves in one word Gaynor: organized Megan: ambitious Rowan: multitasking Judy: social How much coffee do you drink? Megan is definitely our coffee star with about 3 to 4 coffees a day. Judy has about two and only drinks our Lungo Roast, it has to be strong. Rowan tastes coffee all day at work to make sure our quality is right on top and Gaynor is our tea lover in the group that saves us from drinking all our stock! Favourite coffee shop? To be honest, our office! Come visit us here and we make you a great cuppa! Do you listen to music when you work? We sometimes sing or talk to ourselves, does that count? ;) (we blame it on the coffee) Take us through a typical day in the life of CCD We open our doors in the morning, get onto our online orders and send off coffee capsules in all different flavours to our clients all over South Africa. Megan and Judy will then grab our coffee machines and meet coffee lovers to show them how to work the system and do a coffee tasting with them at their office or home. Maybe at your place soon? What are your social media links so people can connect with you? Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: An ideal day for each of you would be... A day that has 48 hours so we can drink more coffee and live our passion: Cappuccinos for everybody! Tell us one thing that most people don't know about you Our coffee is from the best places all over the world, but our coffee capsules are manufactured here in South Africa, Cape Town. You are supporting a South African business, thank you!