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filter coffee

Uber Filter Coffee - Premium Filter Blend (Ground) - 1kg

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Uber Coffee Premium Filter Blend (ground coffee): Traditional Italian coffee.

  • Full-bodied with a light acidity.
  • Made from freshly roasted beans from South and Central America and Africa.
  • 1kg

Expiry date: Stays fresh for at least 3 months from date of purchase!

This Premium Filter Blend combines the flavours and aromas of traditional Italian coffee, with a full-bodied, but smooth taste, and a light acidity.

Picked and roasted specific to origin taste profile with a dark chocolate and nut background, creating a smooth option for all coffee and milk based drinks.

This ground coffee premium filter blend is made from freshly roasted beans from South and Central America and Africa that guarantee a unique coffee experience.

Important: We get our filter coffee fresh from the Roaster onto the shelf, sealed in a bag to stay fresh for at least 3 months!


  • Once opened, store in a cool, dark place

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