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Caffenu Coffee Machine Cleaning Kit - Lavazza Blue compatible


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  • The perfect All-Round Cleaning Kit for your Coffee Machine.
  • Includes 2 Boxes of Caffenu® cleaning capsules and 1 bottle of Liquid Eco Descaler (2 doses).
  • The cleaning capsule cleans the nozzle & brewing chamber.
  • The descaler removes limescale from the back of your machine.
Function Cleans & Descales
System Lavazza® Blue® compatible*
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Your Lavazza® Blue® coffee machine needs cleaning and descaling as well. With this unique Cleaning Kit you get all your cleaning requirements in one box!

This Special Kit includes
  • 1 Bottle of Eco Descaler (200ml, 2 doses): Descaling for your coffee machine should be done once every 3 months. This ensures the removal of limescale build-up.
  • 2 Boxes of Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules (8 capsules): Use one cleaning capsule after every 30 cups of coffee made or at least once a month. The brewing chamber of your coffee machine will give you fresher tasting coffee.

Descaling your coffee machine: Over time all coffee machines and appliances build up deposits of calcium and limescale as they come into contact with water (the white-build up you see in kettles). The "harder" your water, the more scale build-up occurs. This residue can lead to blockages and machine failures, or worse, cold coffee, as it reduces the effectiveness of the boiler or thermoblock inside your coffee machine.

“Descaling” is the act of stripping these deposits from your machine’s internal components: boiler/thermoblock, pump and pipes using an acid based chemical. Regular descaling therefore contributes to hot coffee and ensures that your machine functions the way it should.

Descaling however lacks the essential pressure build-up, ingredients and foaming action to clean the brewing chamber of your coffee machine. That is what the cleaning capsule is for.

Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules for your coffee machine: The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule formula is a detergent based formula which takes care of the front part of your machine, the brewing chamber, nozzle and spout. The unique foaming action that is released by the capsule inside the nozzle of the coffee machine removes hardened coffee oils, tannins, odours and even bacteria.

The pressure build-up thanks to its encapsulation design gets into all hard to reach areas of your Lavazza® Blue® coffee machine. If not cleaned regularly, this old coffee residue might cause you bad tasting coffee, poor floor, blockages and even illness.

Regular cleaning will also prevent possible machine failure caused by strain on the pump. Better tasting coffee only comes out of a clean coffee machine, because coffee picks up other flavours easily, so remove the old, and in with the nu taste!


descaling versus cleaning


  • The Caffenu cleaning capsules are compatible with Lavazza® Blue® coffee machines.
  • If you are unsure which machine you have, contact us today to see if our pods will fit your machine.


  • Local product made in SA
  • Eco-friendly cleaning ingredients
  • Once opened, store in a cool, dark place

*Disclaimer: Lavazza® is a registered trademark of Luigi Lavazza® Spa. The products and services displayed are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Lavazza®, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Lavazza®.

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