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Caffenu Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsules - Lavazza Blue compatible


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  • Innovation at its finest: A cleaning capsule compatible with the Lavazza® Blue® coffee systems.
  • The capsule cleans the brewing chamber of your coffee machine.
  • Improves machine function and the taste of your coffee.
  • 4 capsules included in Box. Recommended usage: after every 30 cups of coffee made, or at least once a month.
Function Cleans Brewing Chamber
System Lavazza® Blue® compatible*
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A cleaning capsule that is inserted just like a coffee capsule to clean your Lavazza® Blue® coffee machine. Easy and convenient, for that perfect fresh coffee taste.

If not cleaned the right way. Lavazza® Blue® machines can accumulate dirty coffee oils, bitter tannins, old granules and eventually bacteria which sits in the brewing chamber of the coffee machine. These build-ups are even worse when the machine is in constant use, especially within hotels and foodservice industries. Along with the unwanted build-up comes poor-tasting coffee and eventual machine malfunction.

Flavoured coffees, as well as tea and hot chocolate capsules, might additionally lead to even larger blockages inside the brewing unit of the machine. All of these beverages leave behind residue that you do not want in your next cup of coffee. With our newest invention, there is no need any longer to disassemble your machine. Simply use a cleaning capsule that will do the job for you, all at the press of a button.


Clean your Lavazza® Blue® coffee machine the nu way: Simply insert the cleaning pod just like you would a coffee capsule. The specially designed Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule removes all residue and bacteria with its unique foaming action within in just 2 minutes, leaving your machine as good as nu!

  • Recommended usage: Use one Cleaning Capsule after every 30 cups of coffee made, but at least once a month or more often if you use other beverages such as tea and chocolate in your machine.
  • Machine Care: Maintain your machine with regular cleaning, it might increase its lifespan.
  • Quick & Easy Cleaning: Powerful, hygienic cleaning, even in impossible to reach areas – at the touch of a button.
  • Readily dissolves: It leaves no aftertaste, made from biodegradable and organic materials. 
  • Improved Coffee Flavour: Enhances the flavour and aroma of your coffee by cleaning the brewing unit.

Coffee Machine Care
Quick and Easy Cleaning 100 Percent Safe Improved Coffee Flavour

For more information about the benefits of the product, please visit


  • The Caffenu cleaning capsules are compatible with Lavazza® Blue® coffee machines.
  • If you are unsure which machine you have, contact us today to see if our pods will fit your machine.


  • Local product made in SA
  • Eco-friendly cleaning ingredients
  • Once opened, store in a cool, dark place

*Disclaimer: Lavazza® is a registered trademark of Luigi Lavazza® Spa. The products and services displayed are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Lavazza®, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Lavazza®.

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Customer Reviews

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Herman Marais
Caffenu Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsules - Lavazza Blue compatible

Easy to use and very effective

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