Capsule Guide

A complete guide to compatible coffee capsules and which machines they fit

Help! Which capsules fit into my coffee machine?
Don’t stress. Here is your ultimate Capsule Machine Guide!

The struggle is real! You just bought a new coffee machine, because somebody recommended it or the guy at the store was super friendly and you couldn’t resist, but now you wonder: which capsule fits into that specific coffee machine? Where can I get the capsules? Can I only buy original capsules, or is there compatibles on the market at a much better price?

First things first: it is a jungle out there, so there is more machines and capsule types than you can imagine. To make it easier for you, we’ve listed the most popular systems below, and explained which capsule fits into which machine.

Please note that the list below can never be complete. There are just too many machines on the market, there is not enough space to list them all. If you cannot find your machine, please contact us (best is to send a pic of your machine), and our coffee experts will tell you exactly which pod fits into yours!

Capsule Guide