Nespresso® Vertuo® compatible cleaning pods

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Do you know that Nespresso® VertuoLine® machines gather coffee oil and residue in the brewing chamber and spout? In fact, this oil and residue build-up can turn stale when left to accumulate; leaving a foul smell in the chamber.

Additionally, failure to clean a Vertuo® machine can lead to immense build-up in the spout, resulting in poor coffee flow and possibly irreparable machine damage.

The Caffenu® cleaning pod for Nespresso® Vertuo® was formulated with a potent foaming action to effectively clean and flush out coffee oil and residue from your Nespresso® Vertuo® coffee machine.

Its potent, yet eco-friendly ingredients clean the machine like plain water or a descaler simply cannot do, thus ensuring a clean coffee spout and brew chamber, free of blockage.

The approved Caffenu® cleaning pod consists of eco-friendly ingredients, making it 100% natural and safe to use. The pod is easy to use (just like a coffee pod); making cleaning quick and simple.

Use a cleaning pod at least after 30 cups of coffee made, or at least once a month.