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Caffenu Universal Milk System Cleaner - 250ml

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  • This fast-acting Universal Milk System Cleaner prevents and removes milk blockages and sour milk build-up.
  • It effectively cleans any milk circuit or dairy equipment while sanitizing the components at the same time.
  • Includes a 250ml bottle. Dilute with water 10:1. Recommended usage: It is recommended that you clean your milk system at least once a week.
Function Cleans & Maintains Dairy Equipment
System All automatic one-touch milk circuits, steam wands, and other dairy equipment.
Readily Biodegradable

The Caffenu® Universal Milk System Cleaner is perfect for cleaning all your essential dairy equipment, right at your home. Your coffee machine’s milk frothers or milk containers, either inside the container itself or in the milk circuit pipes, build up blockages. Those blockages and sour milk residues can lead to machine malfunction, raise health concerns and cause poor-tasting beverages. Other equipment, like your milk steam wands also build up layers of old milk inside the system.

The Milk System Cleaner ensures that all blockages and sour milk fats and milk proteins are effectively removed from your dairy equipment, while sanitizing the components at the same time, giving you the perfect cup of that delicious beverage you desire.

Includes 250ml of Milk System Cleaner. Mix with water at a ratio of 10:1 to create the milk cleaning solution, for example use 500ml of water with 50ml of Milk System Cleaner.


  • Prevents and removes milk blockages
  • Removes sour milk fats and milk proteins
  • Hygienically cleans milk circuits
  • Extends the life span of your equipment
  • Sanitizes all your home dairy equipment


Suitable for all automatic one-touch milk circuits, steam wands, and other dairy equipment such as milk frothers, milk containers, milk jugs and more.

Coffee Machine Care Quick and Easy Cleaning 100 Percent Safe Improved Coffee Flavour

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  • Local product made in SA
  • Once opened, store in a cool, dark place

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